Expert4x the Profit Retriever Expert Advisor


The Profit Retriever makes gains whether the price hits its target immediately and even when the price unexpectedly goes in the wrong direction using over 10 strategies based on price movements, lot sizing changes and profit targets.

One of the many strategies that the Profit Retriever has available takes an anti-Martingale or reverse-Martingale approach that eliminates all the negatives of the Martingale approach where lot sizing increases to often dangerous levels.

This strategy literally takes a reverse-Martingale and decreases lot sizing in such a way that the profit Retriever process results in the need for much smaller account sizes, produces much more robust results over a wide range trading instruments and produces exceptionally smooth equity charts.

For more information and guide about this Expert4x Expert Advisor please visit the The Expert4x TheProfitRetriever EA page.

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